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Engineered Automation for Gundrilling

During EASTEC 2023, visitors to UNISIG booth 1117 will learn how automation takes deep hole drilling machine efficiency and productivity to new levels, the company reported. Company experts will be on hand to discuss how engineered automation is routinely included in deep hole drilling machine cells and can be machine mounted or used to combine multiple machines or operations.

"UNISIG is experienced in developing safe and effective standard automation that encompasses specialized solutions to fit the needs of particular production demands, applications or facilities-enabling shops to make the most of their UNISIG deep hole drilling machines," said a company spokesperson. "To accomplish this, the company engineers three types of automation solutions: those that are flexible, machine mounted or custom designed."

Flexible automation solutions are versatile features that can be integrated into the machine design, or designed independently, to automate the operation of a single machine, or combine multiple machines into an automated cell. Flexible automation encompasses robots, part-tray-handling conveyors, pallet changers and servo driven gantries.

Programmable smart conveyors and walking beam loading systems are two examples of UNISIG's machine mounted automation solutions for part loading and handling. The company engineers these solutions into a machine's design so that they function integrally with it.

For more extensive automation requirements, UNISIG will program and integrate custom automation such as pick & place systems, heavy bar loaders and bulk feeders into a deep hole drilling process. These custom-engineered solutions are optimized to fulfil a shop's production, application, budget and facility requirements.

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