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5-Axis Laser Micromachining

GF Machining Solutions offers the Microlution ML-5 ultra-fast 5-axis laser platform.

The Microlution ML-5 is optimized for micro-scale holemaking and fine cutting without creating any heat-affected zones. The machine's compact, high-performance femtosecond laser produces precision parts in seconds for reduced cycle times and tooling costs.

"To drill, contour and finish, the Microlution ML-5 delivers high accuracy, speed and quality through the combination of quick acceleration, exceptional stability, precise part handling and motion control with integrated part characterization and measurement," said a company spokesperson. The machine is suited for generating holes and features of various shapes in products including more-efficient automotive fuel injectors, complex watch parts, medical catheter tips and hardened glass screens for mobile devices. Its automation-ready design and compact footprint-just 70 sq. in. (6.5 sq. m)-fits into virtually any shop environment or automated cell.

The platform offers up to five axes of motion and accepts multiple laser types for ± 1 µm positional accuracy and ± 0.5 µm repeatability. A granite base enhances reliability and repeatability with thermal and inertial stability. Granite-mounted ironless rails and linear motors provide more than 2G of backlash-free peak acceleration along each axis of motion.

A high-precision beam delivery system offers fast Z-axis movement and precise focus translation with 5-axis motion that controls laser tapering for the highest surface quality with no HAZs, burrs or post-processing. The Microlution ML-5 also features high-resolution HEIDENHAIN glass scale encoders, along with an in-line workpiece touch probe, integrated power meter and high-speed optical camera.

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