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Enclosed Linear Absolute Encoders

Renishaw offers the FORTiS enclosed absolute linear encoder series. Renishaw developed the FORTiS encoder design from RESOLUTE encoder technology. The range provides high resistance to the ingress of liquids and solid debris contaminants and features an extruded enclosure with longitudinally attached interlocking lip seals and sealed end caps. The readhead body is joined to a sealed optical unit by a blade, which travels through the lip seals along the length of the encoder. Linear axis movement causes the readhead and optics to traverse the encoder's absolute scale-which is fixed to the inside of the enclosure-without mechanical contact.

"The FORTiS enclosed absolute encoder range is the culmination of years of research and development at Renishaw," explained Ian Eldred, Principal Mechanical Engineer at Renishaw. "It delivers superior repeatability, reduced hysteresis and improved measurement performance due to an innovative noncontact mechanical design that does not require a mechanical guidance carriage. These encoders also feature integrated, specially-designed tuned mass dampers that deliver class-leading 30 g vibration resistance and push the limits of what enclosed encoders can endure. Installation of FORTiS encoders is quick and easy, helping our customers save manufacturing and servicing time."

In addition to its extruded enclosure, FORTiS encoders are also protected against contamination by a further level of sealing: the readhead optical unit, which runs inside the enclosure, is itself sealed to IP67 to prevent contamination by liquids, swarf and other debris. The encoder systems have CE approval and are manufactured in-house using strict quality-controlled processes that are certified to ISO 9001:2015 and backed by a global sales and support network.

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