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Custom Miniature Thrust Ball Bearings in Screwdriving Spindles

Auburn Bearing & Manufacturing recently assisted a customer application involving custom screwdriving spindles. The thrust bearings were located on shafts that are parallel to each other on 0.750" center lines.

"The customer had been purchasing a standard-sized miniature thrust bearing from a large bearing manufacturer for many years," said an Auburn spokesperson. "The three-piece bearing was being used in a fairly high volume (20 to 30 bearings per month) in the custom screw driving equipment and was being replaced on a regular basis.

"Because of the bearing's open style, it is subject to all sorts of contaminates and hard to keep grease in. The bearings needed to be completely taken apart and lubricated on a weekly basis. With this weekly maintenance, the typical life of each bearing was three months, and at the end of its life, you could see significant wear on all components of the bearing."

The spokesperson continued, "The customer came to us frustrated by the loss of time and productivity they were experiencing from replacing a significant amount of prematurely failing miniature thrust ball bearings. They were looking for a new solution that would extend the bearing's life by keeping lubrication in and keeping debris out as well as reduce the downtime and inconsistencies caused by these bearing failures."

Auburn Bearing proposed a one-piece banded thrust ball bearing that would utilize a special lubricant. This custom design would serve to protect the bearing from debris and other contaminants as well as contain the grease inside the bearing. "After a three-month trial run using this new solution, the customer found that the bearing race and balls remained in great condition without having to perform any maintenance on them," said the spokesperson.

According to Auburn Bearing, the solution increased the life of each bearing by over 200%; improved machine consistency by reducing bearing contamination and bearing failure; and reduced the cost of labor and downtime by eliminating the need to clean and re-lubricate bearings, previously performed on a weekly basis.

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