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Polyester Tapes for Composites

3M Polyester Tapes 875 and 876 high temperature rubber (non-silicone) tapes are designed to temporarily, yet securely, hold strong for composite parts and metal bonding processes.

3M Polyester Tapes 875 and 876 are built to withstand elevated temperatures (350 °F /177 °C) during autoclave cycles for sensitive applications, including aerospace. The tapes' thin, flexible polyester backing with high-tensile strength make them easy to use and reduces the need for rework.

"Tapes that leave behind residue require more work for manufacturers. 3M Polyester Tapes 875 and 876 remove cleanly, eliminating the extra work of having to remove the remnants that other tapes often leave behind," said a company spokesperson.

3M Polyester Tape 875 is offered in a one mil polyester backing, and 3M Polyester Tape 876 has a two mil polyester backing. "The thin, flexible caliber of the backing, combined with the high tensile strength, provides the optimal strength needed to pull through cured resins," said the spokesperson. Both the 875 and 876 tapes are produced in seafoam green for optimal visibility during application and removal.

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