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June 2017

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Small-Space Deburring System
Advanced Grinding System
Rotary Surface Grinder
Gear Break-in Lubricity and Rust Protection Achieved
Flap Discs for Grinding All Metals
Optimized Aqueous Parts Cleaning
The Perfect Finish in a Single Set-Up
Simultaneous Grinding with Three Grinding Wheels
New Anti-Static Ion Air Cannon is CE UL and RoHS Certified
Intelligent Deburring with Robot
High Performance Precision I.D. Grinder
New Laser Systems Clean and Prepare Surfaces Safely and Quickly
Double Disc Grinding Process for High Performance Engineered Thermoplastic Strip Material
Cleaning System with Energy Savings Package
Custom Robotic Pressure Feed Blast Grit Blast System
4.5 Diamond Grinding Wheel with Versatile Topside Abrasive
Ultra-Precise Honing Spindles
Vertical Dry Sander Designed for Heavy-Duty Applications
Clean and Green VOC-free Solvent
Expansion of the LGG Range of Grinding Machines
Gel Cleaner Removes Soil Rust and Heat TintWeld Burn
Converging and Laminar Flow Technology Improve Part Drying Efficiency
Diamond Dressers Now Certified to Micro-Precision Tolerances
New Cordless Die Grinder with M18 FUEL
Double Column Surface Grinding Machine
High Speed Compact Internal CNC Grinder
Improved Grinding and Finishing with Dual Station Belt Grinder
Long-Drill Grinder with Integrated Wheel and Nozzle Changer
Hand-held Beveling Tools
Double Drive CNC Cylindrical Grinders
Dichtol 1532 Approved for Military Applications
Tips on Fine Grinding Stainless Steel
Remote Honing Analytics with MTConnect-Compliant Machines
Sanding Brushes
Microfinish Attachments for Turning Grinding Milling Machines
Production Cylindrical Grinding Machine Features Expanded Functionality
Blast Turbines for Light Metals
Ceramic Cutting Grinding and Combination Wheels
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Advanced Grinding System

Tratech Corp. offers its (AGS), a specialty built CNC grinding machine designed specifically for the demanding needs of machining fully sintered ceramics.

The AGS is a 3-axis CNC machine that includes integrated coolant filtration and temperature control as well as mist control. The system features a high accuracy 42,000 RPM coolant through spindle, a 500 x 500 x 500 mm working envelop and a stationary machine bed utilizing an XYZ gantry design that keeps the motion control components safely protected from abrasive ceramic particles. The bed and motion components are isolated from the machine frame to mitigate environmental impacts on the machining process.

The AGS also features several patent pending technologies, including an intelligent process force detection system that will automatically stop the machining process and lift the tool out of the workpiece when overload and tool failure conditions are detected, and a 16 tool automatic tool changer that features an on-the-fly tool tray system that keeps 256 tools in process storage. Tools and trays can easily be swapped and loaded without interrupting the machining process.

"The AGS has successfully demonstrated performance gains in various materials such as high purity quartz glass, sapphire, boron carbide, alumina oxide and zirconia nitride, and in various applications like precision 3-D shapes, heavy stock removal and delicate thin-wall features," said a company spokesperson.

For more information contact:

Tratech Corp.

3285 SW 11 Avenue

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315


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