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3- and 4-Jaw Heavy Duty Oil Country Chucks

Gator 3-jaw self-centering and 4-jaw independent chucks are produced with large through holes and forged steel bodies with A2 mounts in 20" through 50" sizes. Both scroll and independent chucks are produced with the industries heavy duty top and master jaws and feature a diamond cut serrated jaw face that increases the chucks' gripping capabilities.

Gator Oil Country Chucks are produced with certified forged steel. "This high quality material provides high rigidity and gripping power, high accuracy, repeatability and the ability to run these chucks at higher speeds safely. High quality materials, world class engineering and a precision machining environment come together to produce a chuck that is accurate and durable," said a company spokesperson.

Chucks are provided with two-piece American National Standard tongue and groove jaws giving the end user the flexibility to use any other ANSI standard or special hard or soft top jaws. Gator chucks exceed DIN run-out requirements and all mounting dimensions meet ANSI and DIN standard requirements.

Gator also specializes in special application/non-standard chucks including heavy duty chucks, special chuck diameters, jaw configurations, mounting options and more.

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