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Industrial Grade Vacuum Forming on a Desktop

Mayku's FormBox is an industrial-grade vacuum forming press that fits on a desk or kitchen table and enables the user to make molds or replicate intricate shapes in a matter of seconds, according to the company.

"The FormBox enables rapid and precision replication, exponentially speeding up the product development cycle and allowing everyone, from large companies to kitchen worktop businesses, to quickly iterate, design and bring their ideas to market," said a company spokesperson. "A Mayku FormBox user can simply create or download a design, 3D print a mold and immediately begin to produce up to a thousand units in a matter of days, allowing rapid product development and design. The FormBox is the perfect accompaniment to a 3D printer, picking up detail as fine as a grain of sand and enabling the user to pivot, make adaptations and be extremely nimble in their design process."

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