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High Accuracy Over the Entire Measuring Range

Metrios, a provider of optical measuring machines for the shop floor, has restyled its product, focusing on performance and specific process applications.

The large touchscreen monitor, improving usability, is still a dominant feature. The load capacity has been increased due to a more robust lifting stage. "Available in a fixed tabletop version (Metrios model) or with a mobile table (Metrios CROSS model), it is equipped with a high-resolution camera that provides clearer images than other measuring machines," said a company spokesperson.

The vertical stroke runs up to 80 mm also in the Metrios CROSS versions, while it remains over 100 mm for the fixed tabletop versions. This feature enables working with jigs and clamping systems.

The axes of the Metrios CROSS table have retained their linear motors, aiming at the high end of measuring instruments.

"The most interesting new features are in the software," said the spokesperson. "We develop Metrios measurement software in-house, which allows us to provide measurement customizations as customer needs evolve."

There are three software environments:

  • The Run view where programs run automatically, with even more attention to detail and a practical touchscreen
  • The instant Sand box mode where users can measure a single piece quickly and easily
  • The Full programming mode is enhanced with a new part reference function that allows users to orient the parts to be measured, capturing even the smallest details. The "eagle eye" function is also added in the same programming environment, which always places the part to be measured at the optical center. This improves reproducibility and simplifies the program set-up.

"The product is capable of validating a process with stable R&R results, unique in its category," said the spokesperson. "Metrios is not only an automatic projector capable of measuring a single part; it is an authentic measuring machine that can be trusted with the inspection and correction of your production."

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