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Kits Convert Older Step Pulley Mills to Electronic Speed Control

"Variable speed components on milling machines typically wear out within five to 10 years and will need to be rebuilt-which could represent thousands of dollars for a stop-gap repair," said a SERVO Products Company spokesperson. "Unique to the market, there is now a one-time, alternative solution that completely eliminates a machine's needless sliding variable speed pulley components-providing an ultra-reliable, long-term fix."

SERVO Products Company, a designer and manufacturer of manual knee-type milling machine accessories since 1964, offers its Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) and VFD Plus kits, which are full-featured packages designed to convert older step pulley mills and variable speed mills from mechanically controlled speed into an electronically controlled machine.

"The complete VFD kits are plug & play solutions that are easy to install and easy to operate-quickly upgrading a mill's reliability, versatility and productivity with smoother variable electronic speed control," said the spokesperson.

Made in the USA, both VFD kits are also suited for smaller garage/machine shops, mills, lathes and grinders. Adaptable to most applications, the VFD kits can run the motor on 220V single-phase incoming power vs. requiring three-phase power-eliminating the need for a phase converter. "It can provide up to 5,000 RPMs in high gear-10% to 15% higher than the standard milling machine could do. Unlike early VFD kits, these provide full-torque at the lowest RPM," said the spokesperson.

Both VFD kits feature a red E-stop button and there is also an E-stop safety circuit to prevent accidental start-ups.

SERVO's VFD Plus has all of the standard VFD features, plus it increases the versatility of mills with essential upgrades including:

  • Four preset spindle speeds: In addition to one main speed for fast speed selection, there are an additional four presets for a total of five. These preset speed controls allow operators to set up to four different speeds, and quickly change spindle speeds at the press of a button. The preset speed button lights up and displays RPM.
  • Semi-automated tapping feature: The tapping function uses a proximity switch to reverse the spindle at the user set depth to automatically reverse the spindle and back out of the tap. Once the spindle goes back to the top position, the spindle then turns forward, ready for the next tapping cycle.

For more information contact:

Servo Products Company

34940 Lakeland Blvd.

Eastlake, OH 44095


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