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Fully-Enclosed Automation System

ESAB's AutoRex cutting automation system features a large enclosure that blocks harmful light, reduces noise and captures 100% of cutting fumes to create a safer work environment, while its automated load/unload function reduces cycle time.

To increase safety and productivity while also automating material handling, ESAB Welding & Cutting Products offers AutoRex, a fully-enclosed thermal cutting system that works with any of its automated cutting machines.

"The AutoRex system is essentially a cutting machine inside its own room combined with shuttle table for automated plate loading and parts unloading," explained Steve Zlotnicki, Global Product Manager, ESAB Cutting Systems. "The enclosure completely blocks out harmful UV light emissions and dramatically reduces noise, while ensuring that the ventilation system captures 100% of cutting smoke inside the cabin. AutoRex creates a much safer working environment, appealing to high-production, high-performance companies in the marine, offshore, heavy fabrication, wind tower and steel service center industries."

The shuttle table system features dual pallets to maximize arc-on time. When one plate comes out for part and skeleton removal, the new plate is ready for exchange and immediate cutting. Loading and unloading outside the enclosure increases safety by isolating workers from the cutting zone and enabling the use of a crane without interrupting the cutting operation. The self-cleaning system moves all slag outside the enclosure and into a bin that can be emptied by lifting it out with a crane, eliminating the downtime required to halt and disassemble the machine for cleanout.

ESAB can also integrate the AutoRex system with a company's material handling, plate storage and ERP systems to fully automate cutting operations.

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