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July 2021

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Metrios Measuring Technology Keeps up with Production
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Metrios Measuring Technology Keeps up with Production

Mevis supplies major multinational market leaders, mainly in the automotive industry, which represents 70% of the company's turnover, followed by the electromechanical, household appliances and electrotechnical sectors. The company's main products include bent and printed wire parts, welded parts, assembled parts, strip springs, compression springs and tubular parts.

The group has extensive capabilities, including spring coiling machines, bending machines, torsion spring winding machines, automatic presses, welding plants and measuring machines. Mevis has over 700 employees and produces 80 million parts per month.

Recently, traditional tools could no longer keep up with demanding production rates.Bruno Sartori, Head of Quality Control, said, "We used a classic cranked profile projector; we had to turn the dial to see the angles and to align the part. The results were highly subjective and the process was essentially very slow."

To meet elevated production demands, Mevis operators were carrying out the process controls. "Our operators had to perform many measurements to guarantee the required level of quality," said Sartori. "This led to a considerable waste of time-up to 20 minutes were lost per code."

The challenge for Sartori was the following: efficiency had to be improved in this phase, inspection time had to be reduced and an objective and indisputable result guaranteed. This would significantly increase both productivity and the quality of parts. He needed a tool that measured parts automatically and even better, several parts at a time.

Mevis selected Metrios as its solution, and today has four Metrios measuring machines installed in its plants.

"These machines measure all of the bent and sheared small parts. We can measure all the parts that can fit within the field of view, even up to 20 at a time," said Sartori. "Take torsion springs, for instance. In just a few seconds we can detect the angles, length of the stems and diameters."

There was an evident increase in productivity after improving the inspection phase. "Since we introduced Metrios, we have already inserted more than 400 codes," said Sartori. "This means that we have measured over 400 different parts and all the programs that can be pulled up at any time. Mevis operators can finally carry out inspections independently."

Each operator on the shop floor has an ID badge and calls up the program via barcode. All the measurements taken arrive directly to the server, ready to be processed. Previously, everything had to be written by hand.

"Using a manual machine to measure a part with 17 dimensions previously took about 20 minutes. Today, with the Metrios program, we can do it in just 7 seconds. We carry out highly intense inspections, sometimes every half hour. Now our guys on the shop floor are in charge of everything, they are autonomous, they are the masters of their work," said Sartori.

Sartori continued, "Sometimes the part might have multiple views. The good thing about this machine is that with just a few, quick clicks, we can get a pre-set PDF report with all the dimensions analyzed. Another important advantage is that, with a manual projector, you position one part at a time. But on the Metrios stage, you can measure multiple parts at the same time."

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