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Versatile Welding Carriage Features Multi-Function Drive System

Koike Aronson Ransome has released its latest portable welding carriage, the Wel-Handy Multi Next for semi-automated welding. This machine features a multi-function drive system that allows operators to perform various weld types with one machine. The Wel-Handy Multi Next offers enhanced traction control with a 120-FT-LB pull force magnet, allowing consistent results for both vertical and horizontal welding.

This welding carriage is constructed with a single-piece aluminum die-cast body protected by aluminum and stainless steel heat shields to resist slag penetration. The new multi-function controller allows operators to perform straight line, stitch and weave type welds with the same carriage. Switching from continuous welding to stitch welding is as simple as a turn of the function dial.

"When you are in the market for a portable welding machine, you need a durable piece of equipment that improves shop efficiency and productivity," said Ben Cramer, PGA Product Manager. "That is why ease of operation was our most influencing factor in the design of the Wel-Handy Multi Next. This machine is versatile and can perform various welding processes quickly, but is easy enough to use so that operators of all skill levels can achieve consistent high-quality results."

The Wel-Handy Multi Next was designed by Koike's certified in-house welders to accomplish several different processes while being easy to operate and set up. With no guide rails required, this machine drives into the fillet plate, placing consistent pressure into the root for accurate welds. The compact weave system is bolted directly to the machine with no additional cabling required. Other features of the Wel-Handy Multi Next include multi-position guide rollers, a built-in welder interface, enhanced limit switch features, an encoder driver motor and control and multiple torch mounting configurations.

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