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Cobot Air-Cooled MIG Gun

Tregaskiss offers the BA1 cobot air-cooled MIG gun. "The gun's simple and durable design helps operators stay focused on welding, not troubleshooting, to help increase uptime and throughput," said a company spokesperson. "The BA1 cobot MIG gun also uses long-lasting AccuLock R consumables to minimize downtime, improve weld quality and further drive productivity."

The BA1 cobot MIG gun features metal-to-metal keyed connections that hold it in place in the mounting arm and keep the aluminum-armored neck firmly in place in the gun body. The BA1 cobot MIG gun has an easy-to-grip mounting arm and free-drive options to simplify and speed programming. It offers 385 amps of power at a 100% duty cycle using mixed gases.

Tregaskiss delivers the BA1 cobot MIG gun fully assembled, including AccuLock consumables. This, along with minimal fasteners and a precision-machined keyway mounting system, makes installation of the gun and mounting arm quick and easy. Adding to the ease of installation, Tregaskiss has made power pins available for an assortment of wire feeders and offers insulating discs that are designed to match various brands of cobots.

The BA1 cobot MIG gun uses QUICK LOAD liners that maintenance personnel or welders can replace from the front of the gun without disturbing it, the wire or the feeder connection for faster changeover. AccuLock contact tips are also fast and easy to install.

"AccuLock contact tips prevent the cross-threading that can lead to weld-quality problems. The tip's long tail concentrically aligns within the diffuser before coarse threads engage, making the contact tips virtually impossible to cross-thread," said the spokesperson.

The consumables are part of a Common Consumables Platform and are also compatible with Bernard semi-automatic MIG guns and Tregaskiss fixed automatic and robotic MIG guns.

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