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Orbital GTAW Weld Head

Lincoln Electric has released the latest addition to the HELIX M Series line of orbital weld heads-the HELIX M627. Designed and field-tested to be innovative and operator-friendly, the HELIX M627 allows customers to obtain the expanded productivity and quality of mechanized GTAW.

Specifically designed for small tube and pipe GTAW welding, the HELIX M627 weld head features a low radial clearance (2.87"/72.9 mm) and flexibility to quickly adjust and fit on pipe that ranges between 1.5" and 6" (38 mm and 152 mm) diameter.

Developed to work with the APEX 3 Series Control Systems, the HELIX M627 Orbital Weld head delivers a complete mechanized GTAW solution with automated control technology. "Using exclusive technologies built into APEX Controllers such as AutoPilot, Auto Height and Auto Sectors, the Helix M627 helps customers to deliver consistent, high-quality welds with minimal set-up or operator training," said a company spokesperson.

Additional key features include:

  • Intelligent motor control delivers precise travel speeds and oscillation.
  • Auto-Calibration allows for quick set-up right out of the box.
  • Water-cooled motor housing and torch support high-demand applications.
  • HELIX M627 is easily interchangeable with any other HELIX M Series weld head.
  • Complete package includes weld head, consumable kit and eight clamp shoes for 1.5" to 6" (38 to 152 mm) pipe diameters.

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