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Expanded Vibration Dampening Boring Bar Line

New Walter Accuretec A3001 damping system with A2201 intermediate adapter.

Walter has expanded its Accuretec anti-vibration boring bar line with the addition of the A3001 boring bar in combination with A2201 intermediate offset adaptor for larger diameter bores.

The standard A2201 is an offset adaptor for reduced radial forces and greater stability. It provides more space between the boring bar and the bore wall for improved chip removal with very deep bores. With the A3001 and the A2201, Walter has increased boring bar diameters to 2.5" to 4" and 60 mm to 100 mm.

"Unlike conventional steel or solid carbide boring bars that are often ineffective at length/diameter ratios beyond 6 x Dc, the Accuretec A3001, with its patented vibration dampening system, excels at length/diameter ratios beyond 6 x D up to 10 x D-well past the point where conventional steel or solid carbide boring bars often prove less efficient," said a company spokesperson.

The spokesperson continued, "Of prime importance is the fact that users of the Accuretec A3001 or A3000 boring bars will not have to worry about time-consuming fine tuning of the dampening function. Its patented anti-vibration feature is preset at the factory, so the tool is ready for quick application." The new tool is available with both negative and positive inserts.

With the A3001, Walter offers Capto C6, C8 and HSK-T 100 connections, and the compact QuadFit precision (± 0.002 mm) quick-change exchangeable heads that decrease downtime and boost versatility. Together with the A2201's larger offset dimensions, the internal coolant delivery of the A3001 boring bar helps ensure optimum chip removal, adding to its surface finish capabilities. It provides for fast and productive counterboring and internal profiling of parts in industries such as aerospace, oil and gas, and general metalworking.

This product addition enhances the already existing product line of A3000 anti-vibration boring bars, which do not require the A2201 intermediate adaptors, and covers the diameter range of 1" to 2" and 25 mm to 50 mm. They are also offered in Capto C4, C8 and HSK-T 63-100.

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