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Forest City Gear Receives Nadcap Accreditation

Forest City Gear has received Nadcap certification through PRI to conduct magnetic particle inspection (MPI) onsite. MPI is a nondestructive test for detecting surface and shallow subsurface discontinuities.

"MPI is how we can ensure that parts are not being overheated and cracked during the manufacturing process," said Jake Childers, Forest City Gear's Nondestructive Testing Technician. "This is important because small cracks induced from improper grinding can propagate in-service to cause the part to fail. This is why MPI is essential to ensuring proper quality control for our aerospace customers."

Nadcap accreditation will allow Forest City Gear to offer a short lead time on orders needing MPI, as parts would stay in-house and shipping to an outside tester will no longer be necessary. According to Amy Sovina, Quality Assurance Manager, "Our new Nadcap accreditation and now offering MPI in house is another way we are continually improving our process and putting our customer and their needs first."

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