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Laser Cutting Machine for Hard Materials

Rollomatic LaserSmart 810XL with expanded capacity range for profile cutting

Application example of a woodworking router disc

Robot for automatic loading/unloading

Rollomatic's model LaserSmart 810XL is designed for larger-diameter polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tools and other ultra-hard materials up to 12" dia., a total length of 14" and a total load capacity of 33 lbs. This machine particularly addresses the profile cutting and ablation of diamond tooling in the larger diameter range as well as tools with a Monoblock adaptor. Typical application fields for this machine include automotive and aerospace industries.

According to the company, benefits that set this model 810XL apart from conventional laser cutting machines include:

  • Achieves surface finishes as low as Ra 40 nanometers
  • Patented axis configuration
  • Produces crisper and sharper cutting edges
  • 30% faster feedrates
  • Six internal cameras assist the operator in quick set-up and efficient production
  • High repeatability and near-zero TIR in conjunction with in-process measuring
  • Produces precise cylindrical margins on any tool size.

LaserSmart 810XL features intuitive software based on the 510 and 510femto models. The software interprets 3D files and data entry, communicates with the operator and the machine systems and provides automatic blank detection. It also provides auto calculation of the tool structure and auto application of the dxf files to the blanks.

For more information contact:

Rollomatic Inc. USA

1295 Armour Blvd.

Mundelein, IL 60060


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