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Fluid Resources to Improve Production

Impact Fluids has consolidated Curtis Fluids, Great Lakes Industrial Service and Advance Metalworking Solutions (AMS), more commonly recognized as the representative for Unist products.

"While remaining a top industrial fluid supplier, Impact Fluid's innovative approach to fluid reduction in the manufacturing process helps customers lower their environmental impact and improve their bottom line through better application, filtration and proper fluid selection," said a company spokesperson.

Impact Fluids' Fluid Lifecycle Analysis reviews each step fluid takes in its flow through a manufacturing facility to identify efficiency improvements and waste reduction opportunities. From fluid selection and mixing to application and staff training, Impact Fluids works with customers to implement and manage fluid reduction practices, including minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) and better mixing and application systems. The benefits are cost savings, a cleaner, healthier workplace and substantially less environmental impact, the company reported.

"To stay competitive in a global marketplace, U.S. manufacturers must look at ways to continually improve their processes. Combining the resources of Curtis Fluids, Great Lakes Industrial Supply and AMS, Impact Fluids is positioned to help our customers determine the best fluid usage process, supply the proper fluids and provide ongoing training and support," said John Hoff, founder of Curtis Fluids and President of Impact Fluids. "We want to help our customers improve their bottom line while positively impacting our environment to better the community at large."

The spokesperson added, "Large manufacturers can spend hundreds of thousands on fluids annually, but it is not only consumption that drives overall costs. Excess fluid use results in added maintenance, part and floor cleaning, and waste management costs. Overusing fluids or lubrication practices that rely on blasting fluid makes for a messy work environment that can lead to health consequences for employees. Implementing a fluid reduction process and managing it well can help organizations comply with safety compliance standards and environmental industry standards, such as ISO 14001."

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