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March 2016

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Multipurpose Industrial Robot with High Payload Range
Reversible Boom Crane Loses Weight
Automation Technology for Synchronization of Conveyor Belts Robots
End-to-End Tire Plant Solution
Compact High Payload Robot
AGV Tugger with Shelves Provides Ability to Tow Carts
Turnkey Inline Part Marking Solution with 16-Bus Card
Scrap Metal Compression Machine
Variety of Chip and Parts Conveyors
Motion Controller for Multi-Axis General Motion Applications
Customizable Tube Lifting Technology
Position Feedback Offered for Torque Reaction Arms
Fiber Lasers for Marking Plastics Metals and Other Materials
Enhanced Workstation Family
Updated Chip and Scrap Removal Conveyor
Heat Shrink Tube and Barcode Printer
Expanded Storage and Retrieval Product Portfolio
Updated Features for Smart Crane
Dot Peen Marker with Visual Layout Function
Two-Wheel Hand Truck with Powered Lift
Updated Modular Workstation
Survey Reveals 47 Percent of Manufacturers Experience Production Downtime Due to Labeling Disruptions
Accessories for Battery Operated Marking System
Renewed Balance Portfolio
Decoding Algorithms for Barcode Readers
Orbital Stretch Wrapper
Screw Conveyor Designed for Efficient Movement of Metal Turnings and Chips
Manual Palletizer Automatically Raises and Lowers Loads
Out-of-the-Box Dimensioning System
Lightweight Battery-Operated Handheld Marking Unit
Transfer Crane Streamlines Powder Coat Oven Cure
Custom Designed Tooling for Line of Custom Industrial Manipulators
3-D Stylus for Dot Peen Marking
High-speed Camera-Based 1-D and 2-D Barcode-SDK
Entry-Level Marking Lasers
DC Powered Die Table
System for Managing Vertical Storage
Expanded Ferris Wheel Style Robotic Part Positioner Line
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Manual Palletizer Automatically Raises and Lowers Loads

Presto Lifts P3 All-Around Spring Level Loader is built to improve the efficiency of pallet loading and unloading operation.

A system of heavy-duty springs automatically lower or raise a pallet as weight is added or removed. By doing so, the P3 Spring Level Loader maintains the top layer of boxes at an easy to access position. A turntable ring on top of the unit allows the user to rotate the load so he or she can remain in the same position throughout the loading or unloading process, helping to eliminate the need to walk around the pallet.

A compact base design allows workers unobstructed access to loads. All of the P3 Spring components fit within the diameter of the turntable ring, so the user can stand up close to the unit at any position around the ring.

The economical unit requires no power and is designed to be virtually maintenance-free. Fork pockets at the base allow for easy relocation. A variety of options including disc covers, solid tops, bellows guards, casters and special finishes are available.

The P3 Spring can accommodate loads from 400 to 4,500 lbs.

For more information contact:

Rick daSilva

Presto Lifts Inc.

50 Commerce Way

Norton, MA 02766

800-343-9322 / 508-952-4000

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