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July 2020

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Collapse Automation-Robotics-Mfg SystemsAutomation-Robotics-Mfg Systems
Fully Integrated Machine-Centric Robotics Solution
Software Update Adds 50 Operational and Ease-of-Use Features for Cobots
FM-Series FlexPro Digital Servo Drives
Precision Rotary Stages
Tools for Programmers Using Python Language
Automation for High-Mix Low-Volume Manufacturing
Configurable Sheet Laser Cutting Machine
Laser Labs Create Laser Welding Processes
Automation Solution as Part of Integral Processes
Heavy Loading Made Easy
High-Speed Milling Center with Robotic Cell
Vision Sensor for Robotic Warehousing Application
New Software Domain Can Plan Control and Monitor
Linear Pallet Storage System for Numerous Machine Types
Mill Auto Parts Loader
Handling System Capable of Transporting up to 1200 Kg
Motor Control Systems for Automation
Next-Generation Multi-Spindle Automatic Lathe
AI and the Daunting Data Dilemma
In the Fast Lane
High-MixLow-Volume Manufacturing
Automation and New Tapping Software for VMCs
Fully Integrated System for Sheet Metal Operations
Motion Control Products Maximize Machine Performance
Automation Tools for Small Part Handling
Strategic Offline Robot Programming Partnership Announced
Software Boosts Capabilities of Mobile Robot Family
3-Finger Electric Gripper with Large Stroke
Nozzle Welding Station for Heavy Duty Welding
New Model Added to Line of Teachable Cobots
Industrial Long-Stroke Gripper Designed for Collaborative Operation
Robotic Tool Changer Systems
New Features for Twin-Spindle Machine
Advanced Robot Controller Launches in U.S.
Modular Automated Work Cell
Cell Controller Manages Part Production on Shop Floors
Automation Solutions for Cylindrical Grinding
Application Kits to Simplify Cobot Deployments
New Features for SSW900 Soft Starters
Automation System Solution for Brother SPEEDIO R-Series Machines
Human-Collaborative Robot Offers Wide Variety of Tasks
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Robotic Tool Changer Systems

Stäubli offers innovative tool changing systems for robots, which are tailored to the requirements of automated production processes. The tool changing systems can be designed as plug & play solutions.

"Automatic tool changing systems make a decisive contribution to the productivity of robot systems," said a company spokesperson. "If robots are able to independently change grippers and tools, the flexibility knows no bounds. As a result, robot tasks can be newly defined and made significantly more complex. With the fully-automatic changing systems, unproductive off-peak times can be minimized, and the degree of automation and autonomy of robot cells can be increased, thereby enabling maximization of the overall system productivity."

Stäubli offers solutions for every load carrying capacity:

  • The locking unit MPS 130 is compact and suited for load carrying capacities up to 100 kg
  • The locking unit MPS 260 is light and compact, but still offers a maximum payload of 350 kg
  • The powerful locking unit MPS 630 is suitable for body construction in the automotive industry.
  • The MPS 1530 is designed for very high load carrying capacities and offers even more module spaces for media and energy transfer.

Stäubli develops and produces all system components, coupling modules and the associated peripherals in-house.

The tool changer systems are compatible with all conventional bus systems and can be operated with ProfiNet, ProfiBus, DeviceNet, InterBus and more. The signal transfer can take place via copper wire or fiber optic cable.

For more information contact:

Stäubli Corporation

201 Parkway West

Hillside Park

P.O. Box 189

Duncan, SC 29334


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