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July 2020

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Fully Integrated Machine-Centric Robotics Solution
Software Update Adds 50 Operational and Ease-of-Use Features for Cobots
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Precision Rotary Stages
Tools for Programmers Using Python Language
Automation for High-Mix Low-Volume Manufacturing
Configurable Sheet Laser Cutting Machine
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Automation Solution as Part of Integral Processes
Heavy Loading Made Easy
High-Speed Milling Center with Robotic Cell
Vision Sensor for Robotic Warehousing Application
New Software Domain Can Plan Control and Monitor
Linear Pallet Storage System for Numerous Machine Types
Mill Auto Parts Loader
Handling System Capable of Transporting up to 1200 Kg
Motor Control Systems for Automation
Next-Generation Multi-Spindle Automatic Lathe
AI and the Daunting Data Dilemma
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High-MixLow-Volume Manufacturing
Automation and New Tapping Software for VMCs
Fully Integrated System for Sheet Metal Operations
Motion Control Products Maximize Machine Performance
Automation Tools for Small Part Handling
Strategic Offline Robot Programming Partnership Announced
Software Boosts Capabilities of Mobile Robot Family
3-Finger Electric Gripper with Large Stroke
Nozzle Welding Station for Heavy Duty Welding
New Model Added to Line of Teachable Cobots
Industrial Long-Stroke Gripper Designed for Collaborative Operation
Robotic Tool Changer Systems
New Features for Twin-Spindle Machine
Advanced Robot Controller Launches in U.S.
Modular Automated Work Cell
Cell Controller Manages Part Production on Shop Floors
Automation Solutions for Cylindrical Grinding
Application Kits to Simplify Cobot Deployments
New Features for SSW900 Soft Starters
Automation System Solution for Brother SPEEDIO R-Series Machines
Human-Collaborative Robot Offers Wide Variety of Tasks
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Automation System Solution for Brother SPEEDIO R-Series Machines

Yamazen Inc., a distributor of machine tools, tooling, accessories and automation, has developed and released the FLEX2-R. The new robotic system is similar to the FLEX2 for M and S models that was released in early 2019, however the FLEX2-R was created specifically for the Brother SPEEDIO R models.

"Like the FLEX2, the FLEX2-R provides Brother SPEEDIO customers with better spindle utilization by automating repetitive tasks that can be completed faster with less human error while saving time and money," said a company spokesperson.

The automation system directly interfaces with the Brother SPEEDIO R Series machines, and can feed one or two machines at a time. With its compact design, it takes up minimal floor space while maximizing consistent throughput for low-volume, heavy-mix work or high-volume, low-mix work.

The cells steel frame construction has a built-in safety system, with a single source design and build. Some of the standard features include:

  • User-friendly vision system is icon driven, making it easier to teach in new parts
  • A mounted monitor and tray mouse allow the operator to see the view from the camera and make changes easily
  • Nachi Smart Teach Pendant has the function to enable easy programming. Standard documentation for simplified instructions is provided.

The FLEX2-R consists of the Nachi 6-axis industrial robot, the MC20, that has a maximum reach of 1,722 mm/67" and a payload of 20 kg/44 lbs. This compact, high-speed design provides through-arm cabling and air piping with an air blow option.

FLEX2-R front loads the R model machines with a heavy-duty black belt conveyor that has an inbound work area of 18" x 78" (maximum part height 4.5") and an outbound work area of 18" x 98" (maximum part height 4.5") with a weight capacity of 325 lbs.

The automation system also allows for easy to add options, such as part marking, inspection, regrip, deburring or a reject chute. End of arm tooling (EOAT) can be either a single or dual gripper. Yamazen automation group will review customer parts needs to engineer the correct gripper design for specific applications.

For more information contact:

Gary Frick

Yamazen Inc.

Automation Division

735 E. Remington Road

Schaumburg, IL 60173

800-882-8558 ext. 1320

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