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July 2020

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Linear Pallet Storage System for Numerous Machine Types
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New Features for Twin-Spindle Machine
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New Features for Twin-Spindle Machine

Schwabische Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH (SW), provider of multi-spindle machines and automation systems, recently revamped the BA W06-22. The company has done this in cooperation with customers who have been successfully using the BA 6 Series for over 15 years.

"The original machine design of the BA W06-22 has already been established as one of the fastest, most precise machine tools on the market," said a company spokesperson. "The soon-to-be released model, however, will feature a 10% reduction in chip-to-chip time. Other new features will include the multitasking portable C I One control panel."

As a twin-spindle, the BA W06-22 has more than double the output of single-spindle machines, while also being more space- and energy-efficient. The machine is particularly well suited for large aluminum or non-ferrous workpieces such as gearbox housings or lead frames. The 600 mm distance between the spindles allows precision machining of larger components. With its wear-free linear drive, the latest version will reach speeds of 100 meters per minute.

Time-consuming auxiliary tasks are additionally streamlined with the BA W06-22. Easily adapted optional features include an integrated loading unit, and independent Z axes enable both pick-up and portal loading. The large workpieces can be loaded into the suspended clamping feature via a belt conveyor.

The BA W02-22 is equipped with HSK-A63/A80 spindles, which have a torque of 35 kW/80 Nm. The generous working area offers 600 mm on the X and Y dimensions, and 500 mm on the Z. Originally, the working area was further extended by 200 mm on the Z-axis (allowing an 800 mm swivel range with tools up to 550 mm in length). In the new model, this additional space has been extended to 300 mm.

The new BA W06-22 design features SW's secure CI One control panel, which is based off Siemens's SINUMERIK. This multitasking control panel improves machine operation with its real-time capable multitouch. Increased haptic feedback supports more precise operation. Additionally, input errors due to water, dirt or accidental wrist rest are mitigated. The generously sized 24" display further improves and simplifies the user experience.

All SW solutions are further adapted and customized according to customer needs. Questions about the new design can be directed to

For more information contact:

SW North America, Inc.

30160 Lyon Industrial Court

New Hudson, Ml 48165


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