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Remote Access Service

Mitsubishi Electric offers Remote4U, a remote service gateway unit designed to allow users to resume production quicker when their CNC machine tools encounter a problem. It allows Mitsubishi Electric or machine tool dealer technicians to remotely view CNC parameters and alarm history while troubleshooting, reducing the time it takes to determine the issue and get the machine back up and running. With manufacturing facilities rapidly digitizing, Remote4U allows users to improve their service and lower their downtime with connected machines. It is targeted towards maintenance managers, plant managers and shift supervisors across the CNC machine tool industry.

Remote4U has two key functions that allow it to improve productivity for users. It allows technicians to remotely access the machine for troubleshooting, and offers remote production monitoring and reporting capabilities. "The ability to offer both of these capabilities in one solution sets Remote4U apart from many similar products," said a company spokesperson.

"Remote4U not only allows end users to quickly get their machines back up after breakdowns, but it also improves production visibility," said Rob Brodecki, Services Product Manager at Mitsubishi Electric Automation. "CNC machine tool dealers can use it as an additional service to offer their customers, as it lessens the time and money you need to spend on service and support by accurately and quickly assessing faults and anomalies remotely. It also reduces the need for service people to physically travel to locations, and shortens the service time in the field when travel is inevitable."

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