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Advanced Capacitive Discharge Welder

AMADA WELD TECH, INC. has released the CD-A1000A, a 1,000 watt-second advanced capacitive discharge welder suited for battery tab welding, honeycomb tacking and welding of conductive terminals.

The unit is automation-ready and features dual pulse output with control and monitoring of both pulses. The dual pulse function helps overcome surface inconsistencies-such as dirt and oil contamination-during the first pulse and make consistent welds with the second. A built-in process monitor measures peak current for both pulses; this value is displayed after each weld. Upper and lower limits can be set for both pulses to help ensure weld consistency. An option to inhibit Pulse 2 if Pulse 1 is out of limits prevents weld blow out. The process monitor helps operators assess performance with a color-coded bar graph that gives operators an instant weld history of in limit/out of limit percentages.

CD-A1000A offers up to four selectable pulse widths, increasing the range of welding applications and improving process optimization. Efficient power electronics provide high repetition rates. Sixty-three schedules can be stored locally when a variety of welding processes are planned at the same station.

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