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Emerson's Branson Brand Marks 75 Years of Innovation

Emerson has announced the 75th anniversary of its Branson brand of ultrasonic technologies for plastics and metal welding and precision cleaning. The Branson portfolio also has expanded offerings beyond ultrasonics, developing nine other material joining technologies including laser, vibration and infrared welding.

"We are extremely proud of our history and how we revolutionized the use of ultrasonics in so many remarkable ways," said Vernon Murray, President of Emerson's assembly technologies business. "Our goal has always been to deliver proven performance, unequaled expertise and the broadest technology portfolio for material joining and precision cleaning applications. We look forward to continuing our stewardship in the field as we make advancements that benefit everyone."

The Branson brand traces its history to Norman G. Branson, a research engineer who founded a company in Danbury, CT, in 1946 to harness the power of high-frequency ultrasonic energy for cleaning and degreasing applications as well as nondestructive testing and gauging. But it was ultrasonic welding-developed in 1963 at Branson Sonics and Materials and acquired by Emerson Electric Co. in 1984-that represented the real breakthrough for the company. According the company, it set in motion a monumental change in the way plastics, and later metals, were joined.

Other welding methods from Emerson's Branson portfolio include spin and vibration welding, staking and swaging and a new patent-pending "dynamic mode" of ultrasonic welding that can automatically adjust itself to part-to-part variabilities and unique materials. Clean welding approaches, such as Contoured Laser Technology, Clean Vibration Technology and Contoured Infrared Technology, are being adopted with greater frequency.

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