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Hydraulic Press Brakes with Customization Options

MC Machinery's ADIRA hydraulic press brakes are flexible and heavy duty, with models ranging from 135-ton to over 2000-ton capacity.

MC Machinery and ADIRA formed a sales and service partnership in 2019 to bring better service and support to North American customers while offering a wider range of products. ADIRA is a Portuguese company with 60 years of experience in developing and producing innovative machine solutions.

MC Machinery offers ADIRA's PA Basic Series as well as the customizable PA Plus Series with additional options to meet customers' specific needs.

PA Basic Series

"With an attractive price-to-performance ratio, the PA Basic Series meets the highest standards for precision bending in a hydraulic press brake," said a company spokesperson.

Features and capabilities include:

  • 135 to 220 metric tons
  • 3 m or 4 m lengths with standard crowning
  • 15" control
  • 4-axis back gauge standard
  • Safety by Lazersafe
  • Front sheet supports
  • Clamping options.

PA Plus Series

The PA Plus Series combines functionality and versatility in one package. It offers the benefits of the PA Basic for powerful and accurate bending, along with additional features and options for more complex parts.

Features include:

  • 135 to 220 metric tons
  • 3 m or 4 m lengths with standard crowning
  • 21" control
  • 4-axis back gauge
  • Safety by Lazersafe
  • Front sheet supports
  • Clamping options
  • 5- or 6-axis back gauge optional
  • Sheet follower optional
  • Angle measurement optional.

PH Heavy Duty Series

The PH Series of ADIRA press brakes provides accurate bending results in thick and long plates while offering customizable configurations with longer stroke, more open height and bigger throat depth.

Features include:

  • 176 to 2200 metric tons
  • Overall width: 13 ft. to 30 ft.
  • Complete Y1-Y2 control
  • Powered crowning
  • CNC control options
  • Safety by Lazersafe
  • HD back-gauge
  • Clamping and tooling options
  • Heavy-duty sheet support options.

For more information contact:

MC Machinery Systems, Inc.

85 Northwest Point Blvd.

Elk Grove Village, IL 60007


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