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Lasertube with Drill and Tap Module

BLM GROUP's updated LT8.20 Lasertube includes drill and tap capability.

BLM Group USA has updated its LT8.20 Lasertube with several new features, including a drill and tap module that offers friction or classic drilling and roll tapping, helping to eliminate secondary processes.

An adjustable mode beam 5 kW resonator with independent and dynamic control helps optimize performance based on material thickness and assist gas while a sensorized cutting head continuously monitors the lens and glass conditions for wear and dirt.

The LT8.20 can operate using compressed air for faster speeds, improved cut and smoother edge quality in aluminum materials, as well as cost reduction in processing mild steels.

The LT8.20 features a 3D tilt cutting head and can perform high-precision angular cuts in round, square, triangular, special shapes as well as I-beams, where capability has also been improved and expanded. It can process diameters of up to 9.5" and bar weight up to 27 lb./ft.

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