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Machines for Ferrous Cutting Applications

Koike Aronson Ransome offers a full suite of cutting machines for a variety of industries. The ShopPro, ShopProXHD and PlateProXHD are specifically engineered for ferrous cutting applications.


The ShopPro is a CNC plasma cutting machine available in three sizes that range from 4' x 4' to 5' x 10'. "Built to last with a rugged steel construction, this machine delivers premium performance features with a small enough footprint to fit into tight spaces, making it ideal for use in small fabrication shops," said a company spokesperson.

The ShopPro comes equipped with helical rack and pinion on both axes for consistent and precise cuts. It features a 1,000 IPM traverse speed and a maximum power source of 125 amps. The ShopPro comes with intuitive CAD/CAM/CUT software that is user friendly. The ShopPro is suited for hobbyists, small- to mid-size fabricators, educational facilities and new start-up companies.


The ShopProXHD CNC plasma cutting machine comes in three table sizes ranging from 4' x 8' to 6' x 12'. It is equipped with helical rack and pinion on both axes. "Couple that with dual side drive servo motors and precision linear bearings, and the result is a smooth and accurate motion to produce consistent cuts," said the spokesperson.

This machine features curved table slats, providing fabricators with a stable cutting surface and reducing dross on parts. Other features include a laser pointer and all-in-one motion controller with a 21" touchscreen. The ShopProXHD is suited for use in mid-size general fabrication shops and educational settings, such as vocational schools and colleges.


The largest of the three machines, the PlateProXHD is a rigid rail, rapid traverse and multi-tool station cutting system. Available in 5', 6' and 8' cutting widths and up to 100' in cutting length, the size of this machine is customized to specific user needs. This machine is simple to operate utilizing plasma and oxy-fuel technology and offers user-friendly Hypertherm Edge Connect, CNC and Pronest software.

The PlateProXHD is outfitted with helical rack and pinion X-axis and 1.5 kW servo motors and drives Y-axis. With a full contour plasma bevel used for welding prep, the PlateProXHD is designed to eliminate the need for secondary operations. This machine is suited for a variety of industries including general fabrication, heavy equipment, tank construction, agriculture and steel service.

All Koike machines are manufactured in the United States, allowing for accessible service, parts and support, and Koike provides in-house maintenance training at its headquarters in Arcade, NY.

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