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Multifunction Automation for Lights-Out Production

Murata Machinery USA, Inc. (Muratec) offers combination machines designed for processing the thinnest of materials up to 1/2".

For light gauge fabricators, Murata Machinery USA offers the Muratec LS3015HL hybrid fiber laser, which combines fiber laser cutting with the forming and tapping performance of the manufacturer's punch press technology. Its integrated flying-optics system for fiber laser cutting and upper and lower servo drives for forming help turn raw material into completed products in fewer steps. With a repeat accuracy of ±0.001" and a 6,692.9 IPM traverse speed, the machine is suitable for prototypes, large-volume runs, short-run stamping, sample parts production and varied geometries. The all-in-one design helps maximize floor space, minimize WIP materials, eliminate the need for secondary processes and increase throughput, the manufacturer reported.

Coming in early 2022, Murata Machinery will reintroduce the turret punch press laser combination machines. This time, the 30-ton turret is paired with a fiber laser for added processing speed and capabilities. The Muratec MF3048/30510 hybrids include a robust 30-ton turret punch press, an external rigid tapping system (so turret stations can be utilized for true forming and punching tools) and a process monitored 4 kW fiber laser. It is fully equipped for automation integration. With repeat accuracy of ±0.004", this hybrid machine is suitable for any turret work with complex geometries, saving downtime between processes and increased lights-on time for value-added processing. The MF3048/30510 can be paired with 114 tooling or spring style (thick) tooling to maximize the usage of a shop's current tooling library.

"Murata Machinery USA continues to manufacture the only 50-ton turret punch press with plasma for customers needing the ultimate combination machine for heavy processing day in and day out," said a company spokesperson. Like the previously mentioned hybrids, the Magnum 5000P offers a large capacity turret with two auto-index stations, two stations up to 6" diameter, plus a 200 amp hi-def plasma for larger interior holes or exterior contours that parts might incorporate. Punching accuracy on the M5000P hybrid machine is +/-0.004" and it can accommodate larger sheet sizes with its 64" throat. It is suited for industries such as truck trailer, defense and any items that need enclosures such as HVACs, transformers and metal furniture.

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