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Compact Robotic Welding System

Pemamek LLC, North American subsidiary of Finland-based Pemamek Oy Ltd., is introducing its PEMA Skytrack at FABTECH 2022.

The Skytrack is a compact robotic welding system to facilitate welding of transmission housing, gearboxes, drive units, hydraulic units and more. The system features the PEMA WeldControl 300 Offline, a control that enables the programming, simulation and verification of workpieces at the work cell instead of at a CAD/CAM workstation. The Skytrack also features the intelligent PEMA Skyhook Positioner with integrated robot track. Movement on all axes is servo-motor driven and fully integrated with the controller for synchronous movement of the robot and positioner. This configuration helps maintain the proper axis or plane on the weld element so that it can be rotated and turned synchronously in the correct PA position for the best possible weld joint penetration and deposition. This gives manufacturers the ability to produce high quality parts while preventing worker fatigue and injury.

Additionally, the Pemamek team will be ready to discuss many large welding applications in a variety of industries; however, a special focus at FABTECH this year is the updated VRWP-C compact robotic solution. This vision robot system is designed for flat micro panel welding. The system uses the WeldControl 200 Vision, enabling the operator to process welding paths automatically. The operator is positioned on a platform above the weld area for optimal view of the robotic welders working nearby. The VRWP-C can be installed and deployed quickly into any production line and automates several processes, freeing up personnel to handle other tasks. The VRWP-C has a standard working width of 16', with a 20' module expansion if needed.

While Pemamek's FABTECH booth will highlight all significant product and software solutions for automated welding applications, special attention will be given to its laser scanning software for weldments and its dedicated expertise and technology for the offshore wind manufacturing sector.

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Pemamek LLC

20333 State Highway 249, Suite 200

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