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CAM Software Optimizes Blow Mold Manufacturing

hyperMILL Radial Machining calculates toolpaths on CAD surfaces, producing high-quality surfaces suited for blow mold manufacturing.

OPEN MIND Technologies offers hyperMILL CAM software with 5-axis radial machining strategies and other innovative technologies to optimize blow mold manufacturing.

"From automation processes to data import, to efficient programming and NC-code simulation, the hyperMILL software suite can meet demanding blow mold requirements such as excellent high-gloss surfaces and flawless transitions in all details," said a company spokesperson. An integrated hyperCAD-S platform interfaces to all relevant CAD systems and provides comprehensive analysis tools and intuitive design functions. Partially or fully automated CAD and CAM process programming is user-controlled and interactive.

Offering precise rest material finishing and available as a 3D or 5-axis strategy, hyperMILL enables creating efficient contour parallel toolpaths to reduce machining times. Also, efficient roughing strategies such as HPC, HFC and more, feature fast, stock-based toolpath calculation.

A specially developed Radial Finishing strategy offered in hyperMILL optimizes blow mold manufacturing. "The radial projection method enables precise, efficient toolpath calculation on CAD surfaces using high precision surface mode, resulting in high-quality surface finishes," said the spokesperson. "Various machining strategies can be used to flexibly respond to existing component parameters. The 5-axis inclination of the tool is controlled by simple tilt options, regardless of whether 3+2 or 5-axis simultaneous machining is involved. Radial Finishing provides a constant 3D path infeed, smooth overlap for perfect transitions and options for intelligent inclination."

hyperMILL offers reliable NC-code simulation capabilities, including toolpath analysis functions and automatic NC-code optimization. hyperMILL VIRTUAL Machining allows users to simulate, analyze and optimize the manufacturing process. Virtual rendering of the machine, combined with NC code simulation, enables enhanced levels of process control.

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