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Expanded Service Portfolio

Liebherr is expanding its service portfolio and entering the digital future with extended support solutions. "This enables customers to save time and money and to increase their system availability by means of faster response times, at the same time as minimizing the ordering and processing effort," said a company spokesperson. Seminars and training courses are now also being offered in an interactive online format.

"Even if on-site customer service is not possible, or only to a limited extent because of social distancing, the operational readiness of machines and systems must be guaranteed," said the spokesperson. "Liebherr has adapted its service portfolio and is supporting its customers worldwide with various services. Expert support by remote service ensures fast response times for troubleshooting."

Retrofitting solutions for machine control systems enable remote access even for older existing machines. The Liebherr Academy conveys application and maintenance knowledge in interactive live online training courses with up-to-date media technology; the REMAN program extends the economic working life of older machines if required.

Efficient Processes Using Remote Services

"The advantages of remote services are obvious. Travel times and costs are reduced; fast response times ensure minimized standstills and higher system availability. In the case of mechanical or electrical problems, the service specialists give unbureaucratic remote support with the involvement of all the required departments," said the spokesperson. For software problems, after authorization by the customer, they dial in directly to the machine control system, analyze machine and process data and error messages, and carry out the troubleshooting online together with maintenance.

"Liebherr makes this as easy as possible for its customers," said the spokesperson. "Efficient and inexpensive service packages ensure a fast and seamless process. Flat rate packages reduce the order times and simplify the processing effort on both sides. In urgent cases, the maintenance staff can request support directly from Liebherr, without going via their own purchasing department, due to the remote packages. For special topics or special requirements, further technical specialists can be involved by Liebherr quickly and easily. This facilitates the customer's access to manufacturer expertise."

Remote Services Create the Basis for Digitalization

"Liebherr guarantees a secured infrastructure and an established remote support connection, thus creating the basic prerequisites for further digitalization solutions," said the spokesperson. "Upgrades and updates to the machine software can be installed quickly and economically. Even older existing machines with an LH90 control system can be retrofitted for remote service in order to grant remote access to technical support."

"We have noticed that openness to digital services has grown considerably in the course of the pandemic," said Maximilian Hofmann, Global Industrial Services Manager at Liebherr. "The readiness to face the challenges of digital solutions and support is increasing, although many people also still see risks."

Sensitive Handling of Data Security

For many customers, the security of their machine data is a very sensitive topic. "Many customers have reservations with regard to the security of their production data," said Hofmann. "For this reason, the standards for data protection at Liebherr are high: state-of-the-art technology and encryption algorithms guarantee maximum data security. We assure our customers that their data is secure and that we will only intervene in the operation of the system if requested to do so."

Ongoing Digitalization

Liebherr has expanded its service portfolio for the time after the pandemic as well. "We have adapted our support to the changed general conditions and offer it in attractive packages that optimally supplement the different maintenance strategies of our customers. This enables us to be there for our customers remotely as well, as quickly and personally as possible. Remote service will also be a permanent component of our portfolio in the future," Hofmann said.

Liebherr Industrial Services portfolio

  • Remote service: Quick troubleshooting in the form of offline and online support
  • Retrofitting solutions: Retrofitting of the LH90 control system on existing machines
  • Live online training: Interactive training with up-to-date media technology
  • Reman program: Second life-cycle for older machines.

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