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Advanced Simulation, Robot Learning and Synchronization Software

KUKA Robotics offers its latest KUKA.Sim, an advanced automation planning software; ready2_pilot, a streamlined solution for robot teaching; and KUKA.RoboTeam, which enables multiple robots to cooperate as a team to efficiently complete complex tasks.

The future-oriented KUKA.Sim allows manufacturers to accurately plan their automation solutions before the system has even been put into operation. Robot motion sequences are programmed offline, depicted in real time, analyzed and optimized to ensure that processes and work cell layouts can actually be implemented as planned.

KUKA.Sim creates a digital twin and identical image of the proposed production process that becomes the basis for virtual commissioning of production lines. "The offline commissioning capability saves time, improves planning reliability and verification and increases sales. KUKA's cutting-edge simulation of a robot system with KUKA.Sim is accomplished in just a few minutes without deep programming knowledge," said a company spokesperson.

"As the world's first controller package of its type, KUKA's wireless ready_2 pilot quickly mounts to the robot and is used without complex programming. Manual guidance is all that is required to teach the robot the desired sequences, which can be done with a touch of a button and then fine-tuned if necessary," added the spokesperson. Operation is carried out using an intuitive 6D mouse that requires no training. Two buttons on the mouse provide quick access to freely selectable functions, such as opening/closing a gripper, adjusting process parameters or saving motions. Ready2_pilot is compatible with all standard KUKA robots, like the KR 8 CYBERTECH Nano, and offers maximum freedom for operator control.

The latest KUKA.RoboTeam software enables manufacturers to connect up to four robots in a process for enhanced flexibility and efficiency. Working in harmony with external axis kinematic systems, such as workpiece positioners or linear axes, the program transfers responsibility from conventional, centralized PLC functions, such as the interlocking of workspaces or program synchronization, directly to the robot group. "The synchronized and geometrically coupled robots deliver significantly shorter cycle times and provide an extremely flexible solution for manufacturers looking to achieve state-of-the-art assembly line production," said the spokesperson.

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