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Rigid VMC Offers Modular Spindle Combinations

Produced with advanced R&D technology and strict quality control, the BM series from Yama Seiki is specially made for heavy cutting. "The BM series offers excellent performance with a rigid and stable machine structure for extensive applications-all at a reasonable and affordable price," said a company spokesperson.

The BM series offers various modular spindle combinations to help users achieve optimal cutting performance based on their specific machining requirements. It is built with precisely grinded and thoroughly heat-treated axes suited for heavy cutting and features an efficient arm type magazine that provides a fast tool changing system. The BM series also comes in a wide range of sizes, with X-axis travel measuring from 850 mm to 2,500 mm, and Y- and Z-axes ranging from 600 mm to 1,000 mm.

"The BM series has been built using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) providing optimal machine design, and light-weight structure advantage while still ensuring the rigidity of the machine," said the spokesperson. "We also integrate Delta wide span column construction, which provides enhanced cutting stability guarantees the headstock will remain stable even at the highest speeds. The working table is built with a double ribbed design meant to enhance the structure strength, ensuring the table will not deform even under consistent heavy loads. The Y-axis is built using the Bessel points concept, which provides stable support to the Y-axis saddle, prevents major deformation and enhances the table's dynamic accuracy. All of this is supported by high precision dual-nut ball screws, which further support heavy cutting rigidity while ensuring machining accuracy and extending the durability of the machine support structures."

The BM series is built with a gear spindle system powered by a 2-step, high-low gear box design, providing a large torque output. It is constructed with a high hardness nickel-molybdenum-chromium alloy gear mechanism, including auto-lubrication and cooling systems, which help enhance performance over the lifetime of the spindle and transmission box.

The company offers different spindle options, including a high-speed construction and a belt type spindle option, which can be adapted to different spindle motors to fulfill a variety of machining requirements. "Each spindle, motor and gear box is expected to pass a rigorous running test to ensure performance and guarantee that they will last the lifetime of the machine," said the spokesperson.

Each BM series machine is built with a high-speed ATC system, starting with a standard 24T and offering upgrades to 30T, 40T and 60T depending on the user's need. These ATC systems are programmed with a standard shortcut tool change function and can be upgraded to include the Ultra-Fast tool exchange system. AWEA also offers the company's self-developed iConsole intelligent software enhancement system, which provides a user-friendly interface, real-time machine status information, and diagnostic functions that can be included as an additional option on all of the machines.

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