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Sinker EDM Machines

Makino is a provider of high-precision machine tools, including horizontal machining centers, vertical machining centers, grinders and EDM machines. Within the EDM portfolio, Makino offers EDM drilling, wire EDM and sinker EDM equipment for ultra-high or micro-machining, high-precision machining and general precision machining.

The EDGEi Series consists of the small EDGE2i and the slightly larger EDGE3i sinker EDM machines. "These machines are constructed with a space-saving, one-piece base casting that features an integrated dielectric tank and a stationary worktable, providing greater rigidity and thermal stability than the typical two-piece or T-shape casting. The stationary worktable helps minimize processing errors, resulting in increased precision," said a company spokesperson.

Like Makino sinker EDM machines, the EDGEi Series includes a handbox with an emergency stop button. Other standard safety features include UV flame sensors and a fire extinguisher system that work together to prevent and suppress any potential machine fires that may result from open flames or sparks. If a flame is detected and the temperature of the work tank reaches a certain threshold, the built-in fire extinguisher will discharge into the work zone.

The EDGEi Series has doors on three sides, allowing operators easy access to work tables and work areas for loading and unloading work pieces. The work tank on EDGEi machines can also be lowered below work table level, further improving machine ergonomics.

Another advantage of the rise and fall work tank is its automation-friendly design. With left and right-side control configurations, the system is compatible with robots from EROWA, System 3R, FANUC and others.

The EDGEi uses an adaptive power control technology to improve machining efficiency across a variety of applications. Developed by Makino, SuperSpark factors in electrode depth, reduction and draft angle to optimize the burn by increasing or decreasing the machining power. The jump motion control adapts automatically to improve machining efficiency while eliminating the need for external flushing.

"With Makino SuperSurface, the EDGEi Series delivers a more consistent, higher-quality surface finish," said the spokesperson. "By monitoring the discharge energy in the spark gap and setting it to an optimal value, EDGEi machines produce finishes free of small defects, such as pinholes."

End users can customize the EDGE2i and EDGE3i machines by:

  • Adding an automatic tool changer (ATC), ranging from a four-station rack option to a 16-station rotary type, for longer, unattended machining time
  • Adding the ultra-fine machining circuit that helps with machining challenging materials such as carbide or certain hard alloys
  • While the larger EDGE3i sinker EDM machine comes standard with an 80 AMP power generator, the EDGE2i can be upgraded to 80 AMPs (from the standard 40 AMP generator) for increased productivity.

The EDGE2i and EDGE3i machines offer intuitive and user-friendly programming via the Hyper-i Project Screen. Pre-programmed "packages" speed up common tasks and minimize the need for operator input. Example packages include programs for Rib Burns, Gate EDMing and Solid Cavities. The operator is guided and prompted to answer several questions about the job using an easily understood logical graphical format. Graphical menus allow for easy programming of even the most difficult machining tasks, including 2D and 3D orbiting routines.

Makino also offers an optional off-line CAD/CAM programming system called EDcam. "This solution programs the part utilizing 3D CAD data of the electrode and workpiece, and is an excellent solution for applications that process multiple cavities and electrodes. It can NC program electrode setup routines and offers 3D NC program simulation capabilities, eliminating the need for dry-run operations," said the spokesperson.

The Makino Hyper-i control is a universal machine control for the company's wire and sinker EDM portfolio. It features a 24" high-definition touchscreen and is operated just like a modern smartphone. The control features built-in support functions such as training guides, videos and an onboard manual. Context-sensitive help functions boost operator productivity and ease onboarding.

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