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Universal Spindle Milling, Gundrilling Machines for Mold Manufacturers

To help moldmakers achieve high levels of milling and deep hole drilling productivity, UNISIG offers the USC-2M and USC-3M machines that are designed to handle the rigors of both milling and gundrilling metals of all types, but do so with a single, powerful universal spindle. Both models feature rigid frames along with their universal spindles for the toughest applications, all of which help moldmakers minimize machining time and maximize throughput, the company reported.

"Moldmakers require world-class milling capabilities and accuracy, which is why the USC designs emphasize rigidity and stability. With CAT 50 spindles up to 40 horsepower, these machines deliver high-torque milling capabilities for aggressive metal removal and shorter cycle times," said a spokesperson.

According to Anthony Fettig, CEO of UNISIG, "These universal spindle machine options offer manufacturers of all sizes a complete line of moldmaking solutions. The machines exemplify a continuation of the company's commitment to meeting customer needs without compromising on quality or accuracy."

Due to the single, universal spindle designs, moldmakers will reduce changeover times when switching between gundrilling and milling operations. Additionally, a 60-position automatic tool changer helps further minimize nonproductive time. USC-M machines have the capability to run oil and water-soluble coolant as well, and for further time and cost savings, they feature fully enclosed machining envelopes that are installed above the shop floor, allowing customers to avoid time-consuming, costly below-ground installations.

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