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Laser Cutting Hard Materials

Rollomatic offers new options for laser cutting ultra-hard materials.

New options include:

  • Unlimited 3D machining possibilities
  • Intuitive and user-friendly software
  • Sharpening process for CVD and diamond coated carbide cutting tools
  • Femto-second laser source achieves surface finishes as low as 40 nanometers-suitable for ceramics, carbide, sapphire, glass or other ultra-hard materials.

"The current model LaserSmart LS510 is capable of feedrates up to 4x faster than conventional laser cutting machines," said a company spokesperson. "The new Femto model presents feedrates that are even faster-up to 30%. These high-speed feedrates do not compromise the cutting edge quality and surface finish. The laser cutting process on these machines produces the sharpest corner radius in the PCD industry with a maximum radius on the cutting edge below 0.5 micron. In addition, a defined radius of 3, 6 and 9 microns can also be produced consistently. Tools with HSK63 shanks can now also be accommodated on this machine."

The LaserSmart LS510 laser cutting/ablation machine is designed to provide higher quality in the production of high-performance polycrystalline diamond (PCD), CBN cubic boron nitride and CVD chemical vapor deposited cutting tools that traditionally need to be produced by a double process of spark erosion and polish grinding.

"Diamond coated carbide cutting tools are a great option when machining highly abrasive materials, as the coating properties help to significantly increase tool life relative to uncoated carbide tools," said the spokesperson. "The drawback of diamond coating is the fact that thick-film coating makes the cutting edge dull and thin-film coatings often wear prematurely. Rollomatic has developed a process that allows sharpening of thick-film diamond coated cutting tools. The Rollomatic CNC Laser Cutting Machine LaserSmart incorporates technologies that facilitate probing the surface of the coated cutting edge to detect the exact shape and position. Then, the laser cutting process will remove just enough diamond coating to make the cutting edge sharp. Only a predetermined amount of the coating, just around the cutting edge, is removed by the laser process."

The spokesperson added, "In-field tests have demonstrated that the tool life can increase significantly with a sharpened thick-film coated tool compared to a conventional diamond coated cutting tool. Such cutting tools are a cost-effective alternative to the far more expensive PCD tools."

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