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Offline Programming Software for Robots

Hypertherm Associates has announced a major version update and new name for its Robotmaster offline programming software for robots: Robotmaster 2023.

"Robotmaster 2023 bridges the gap between CAD/CAM and robotics by enabling seamless integration between a user's chosen CAD/CAM software and Robotmaster," said a company spokesperson. "This automatic integration eliminates the need to import and sync data for a 75% reduction in programming time. It also eliminates the programming errors that can happen when using a manual process."

In addition, the new Robotmaster version allows for the creation of libraries that provide a more convenient way to store and re-use robotic cell components. Users can easily preview and select components within the library and save modified or proprietary components for later use. This will reduce the cost of building and editing a cell by approximately 50%, the company reported. Jobs that used to take an hour will now take 30 minutes.

Software developers have also added several customer-driven improvements. These improvements support the latest CAD formats and include enhancements to the CAM modules, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) to facilitate the creation of trajectories and further improve programming.

For more information contact:

Hypertherm Inc.

P.O. Box 5010

21 Great Hollow Rd.

Hanover, NH 03755


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