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Horizontal Hobbing of Long Shaft Parts

"Manufacturers have found the Helios Hera 90 CNC hobbing machine to be an extremely cost-effective, high-quality platform for 21st century gear production," said David Harroun, Vice President of Helios Gear Products. "Evolving the Hera 90's range of options, Helios has introduced the 90 W configuration. This offers gear manufacturers an extended machine bed and axial travel, making the machine an ideal solution for long-shaft, small diameter workpieces. Manufacturers of powertrain shafts for small to medium vehicles will be interested in this machine, especially those workpieces with multiple, timed splines and/or gears."

The Helios Hera 90 W is rated at 3 module (8.5 DP) for parts up to 90 mm (3.54") diameter. The 90 W can be configured to optionally load parts up to 600 mm (23.62"), 700 mm (27.56") or greater lengths. Furthermore, the machine's axial travel (hobbing length) covers nearly the maximum loadable part length. This enables easy hobbing of long shaft parts with gears on opposite ends-especially when the gears must maintain a timed relationship. For shorter workpieces, the machine's versatile tailstock design clamps workpieces as close as 200 mm (7.68") measured from the work spindle face.

Other standard features of the Helios Hera 90 are included with the 90 W, including: FANUC CNC, complete dialog programming, 6,000 RPM hob head, high-helix cutting (for worm hobbing and milling), 160 mm (6.3") hob shift, bevel gear cutting and more.

"Gear manufacturers looking for a truly versatile, future-proof hobbing machine must consider the Helios Hera 90 W," said Adam Gimpert, President of Helios. "The machine's features are industry-leading for its class: the highest part qualities can be produced for the hobbing process, turn-key solutions are surprisingly affordable, and the machine is domestically supported by Helios Gear Products with decades of proven gear hobbing expertise."

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