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Air-Cooled 150 W CO2 Laser

Universal Laser Systems, Inc. offers an air-cooled 150 watt 10.6 µm wavelength CO2 laser for the ULTRA X6000 advanced laser material processing system. The 150 watt laser source is also compatible with the ULTRA R9000 and ULTRA R5000 systems from the ULTRA series.

The series' flagship system, the ULTRA X6000 is a high-accuracy laser material processing system designed for demanding applications in manufacturing, prototyping and research and development environments. "It is the only laser system that offers the ultimate material processing flexibility with a variety of laser power and wavelength options and an extensive set of advanced features and capabilities to achieve impeccable quality on the broadest range of materials," said a company spokesperson.

The 150 watt laser expands the available CO2 laser source options for the ULTRA X6000 from 10 to 75 watts to 10 to 150 watts. A maximum of 300 watts of 10.6 µm CO2 laser power can be achieved when the ULTRA X6000 is configured with two 150 watt 10.6 µm CO2 lasers. Higher power enables thicker material cutting in one pass, cleaner results and faster laser processing with many materials. Additionally, up to 50 watts of 1.06 µm fiber laser power is available.

The ULTRA X6000 supports up to three laser sources and three laser wavelengths: 9.3 µm CO2, 10.6 µm CO2 and 1.06 µm fiber. It can be configured with two 9.3 µm or 10.6 µm lasers and one 1.06 µm laser, or with three lasers each of a different wavelength. Any combination of the laser wavelengths and powers can be focused to the same focal point within the same focal plane and used sequentially or simultaneously with patented MultiWave Hybrid technology. This technology offers increased controllability for laser processing of homogenous, composite and multilayer materials with high efficiency.

Using patented Rapid Reconfiguration technology, all CO2 lasers supported by the ULTRA X6000 can be easily and quickly installed or reinstalled by the user to optimize the system configuration for laser processing and allow for general maintenance accessibility.

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