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Programming Quality Complex Parts in Less Time

These 3-D finished parts, made of 1018 cold roll steel, were machined with 1/2" flat Hanita carbide end mill and 1/2" Niagara ball end mill.

Chad Carr, President of Engineered Fabrication, with the Mazak Vertical Center Nexus 510C-II.

(inset): Hydraulic motor backplates, made of G1R Dura-Bar cast iron, designed at Engineered Fabrication using Mastercam X8.

The Mazak Vertical Center Nexus 510C-II machines G1R Dura-Bar cast iron at Engineered Fabrication, Inc.

Jordan Cochran, Lead Machinist/Programmer at Engineered Fabrication, Inc., programs a hydraulic motor backplate with Mastercam X8.

Engineered Fabrication Inc., a machining and fabrication shop, can produce projects from start to finish in-house, including custom-built machines per customers' specs. "Quality is one of our top priorities," said Chad Carr, President. "When we were looking for new CNC equipment and software for our shop, we were focused on quality, but we also needed to make sure that we chose an economical solution."

The team at Engineered Fabrication selected a new CNC machine that would allow them to increase productivity, and Mastercam X8 to program complex parts and enhance Engineered Fabrication's CNC capabilities.

"We specifically chose a Mazak Vertical Center Nexus 510C-II because of the dependability, quality and set-up time," said Carr. "Going with a Mazak allowed us to hire and train a new employee in less time because of its user-friendly programming capability."

Machine characteristics of the Mazak Vertical Center Nexus 510C-II include: performance enhancing Intelligent Machine features; Mx Roller Guide Technology on all axes; ergonomic control swings for easy operator viewing; high accuracy and productivity for a variety of industry applications; and easy integration of articulated robots for process automation.

Mastercam X8's suite of programming tools focus on delivering speed, automation and efficiency to machining jobs. Mastercam's Dynamic Motion technology for creating toolpaths takes into consideration a broad data set. To create the most efficient cutting motion possible, Dynamic toolpaths calculate not only the area where metal will be removed, but also take into account the changing condition of the material throughout various stages of machining. Solids interface and workflow make constructing and editing solids easier and more intuitive. Additional tools include 2-D High-Speed Toolpaths, Mill-Turn, Multiaxis Roughing, Lathe Toolpaths and Contour Roughing.

Carr stated that programming parts with Mastercam X8 has equipped his team to perform more complex tasks, including 3-D surfacing. "This sets us apart from most other 2-1/2 axis shops," he said.

"Since adding Mastercam, we have been able to program more complex parts in a timelier manner without losing control of our quality," continued Carr. "It has enabled us to increase our feeds and speeds while lengthening our tool life. Our surface finishes have been dramatically enhanced by allowing us to conduct various finishes and 3-D surfacing."

Engineered Fabrication machines a wide array of materials, including plastics, aluminum and many types of steel. "We also machine anything from individual machined components to weldments that have already been fabricated to sustain quality and our customers' standards," said Carr.

"Being a machining and fabrication shop enables us to maintain control of our in-house projects from start to finish," said Carr. "We can achieve timely results and ensure superb quality."

In addition to its new Mazak, the company also uses the following machines:

  • Mazak VTC-250D/50
  • Mazak Vertical Center Nexus 430A
  • Mazak Quick Turn Smart 250 CNC lathe
  • ECOCA 2080 CNC lathe
  • Boring mill
  • Various manual lathes and mills
  • Waterjet
  • Blanchard grinder capable of grinding 48" square
  • Surface grinder that can accommodate 20" x 40".

The mission of Engineered Fabrication is to provide solutions and support for all industrial needs, including engineering, drafting, fabrication and machining. Among its 20 employees are a Certified SolidWorks Associate, a professional engineer, certified welders and certified machinists. Software includes AutoCAD, SolidWorks and now Mastercam X8. The company has full 3-axis capability on all of its CNC machines. In addition, Engineered Fabrication has a quality control system where parts undergo a triple check before being shipped out to customers.

Carr, who has more than 20 years of experience in the machining industry, joined the company in 2010 and acquired the company in March 2014. "It is our goal and philosophy to not just serve customers by providing products to them, but to also provide them with solutions and develop long-term relationships," said Carr. "In addition to our customers, we place a high emphasis on our employees and provide them with training to stay up to date with all of the new techniques and software in the industry."

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