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Sheet Metal Solutions

Lantek will demonstrate the newest features of its Lantek Expert 2D CAD/CAM nesting system at FABTECH.

Fully integrated with the Lantek Integra ERP system, Lantek Expert is a 2D CAD/CAM nesting system that provides users with a variety of supportive features, such as a Parametric Parts Library, an Open Database for streamlined information management and a Floating License option to allow multiple users access. Expert's intelligent import and export functions allow linking to the most common CAD systems in today's industry (DXF, DWG, IGES, DSTV, etc.).

The nesting function within Lantek Expert products maps out part arrangements on metal sheets to use the maximum amount of material available and to manufacture the most parts possible. There are also semi-automatic and manual options. Expert even tracks remnants and prioritizes their use before new sheets, extending material life and reducing waste. Before cutting begins, the system checks the design and manufacturing code for any errors and automatically flags or fixes them.

"Lantek Expert Cut's CAM tools also include Nesting, which efficiently lays the parts on sheets for better sheet utilization," said Anupam Chakraborty, Commercial Director, Lantek Sheetmetal Solutions U.S.A.

Lantek Expert features several tools for specific applications. Expert Cut is designed to help ensure seamless, efficient programming of CNC oxy-cut, plasma, laser and waterjet sheet metal cutting machines. It provides its own CAD tools specially crafted for creating 2D parts. Similar to its cutting counterpart, Expert Punch generates code to direct CNC punching machines in drilling, threading, stamping, punch forming, embossing and rolling. It also supports shearing and combination machines.

In order to eliminate the guesswork in programming for HVAC ductwork, Expert Duct offers a substantial parametric figure library containing the most common duct shapes, all of which follow DIN and SMACNA regulations. Duct allows the definition of the type of neutral axis with which to make calculations, the type of joints used for the parts, the number of sections, the type of engraving for cutting machines, the seams and connections and the insulators.

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