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New 20 kg Payload Cobot

At FABTECH Universal Robots will be showcasing the all-new 20kg payload cobot, the UR20, in a machine tending demonstration.

"The UR20 is reimagined, redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up," said a company spokesperson. "Every detail from software to end caps has been strategically architected to deliver next-generation performance and quality, complementing Universal Robots' e-Series. UR20 is not just a bigger version of existing UR cobots; it is the cobot redefined, featuring a brand-new joint design that increases all joint torques approximately 25% and joint speeds by as much as 65% with an increase in TCP speed of 100% (2 m/s vs. 1 m/s). The UR20 can handle heavier loads-up to 20 kg with a greater reach of (1750 mm). It is the lightest robot on the market in its payload and reach class, weighing only 64 kg with a small footprint (O 245 mm)."

The updated software brings enhanced motion control capabilities with smoother motion (especially beneficial for dispensing applications) and less wear on the joints for increased uptime and decreased maintenance. UR20's 1750 mm of reach introduces capability to work in large-scale workplace set-ups with greater distance between important locations, making it suited for many tasks in metal fabrication, such as stamping, cutting, press tending, grinding and welding.

For more information contact:

Universal Robots USA

5430 Data Court, Suite 300

Ann Arbor, MI 48108


FABTECH Booth C11045

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