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The Island Concept in Manufacturing

The Penta TMZ 518 is a five-spindle automatic lathe with an "island concept" that complements Tajmac-USA's line of full CNC 6- and 8-spindle machines. This island concept offers the machine as a package that includes the machine, oil treatment system, chiller, chip conveyor and bar feeder. This design creates a single-source supplier contact for all of these components.

The included bar loader is a custom-designed loader developed by Cucchi BLT, another member of the Tajmac Group. The enclosed loader has the capacity to run five 12' long bars, up to 18 mm in diameter. Underneath the bar loader, the machine houses a variety of accessories. The high-pressure system is nested underneath the loader, providing plenty of pressure to clear away chips. The integrated chiller unit is used to cool both the oil in the machine and the conveniently placed electrical cabinet underneath the work area. Moving down the machine, the built-in side conveyor and magnetic separator system help to remove chips both big and small.

"This CNC multispindle is suited for machining medium to complex parts and can achieve fast cycle times due to its ability to rotate the drum from station to station more swiftly than a six-spindle. The drum indexing time is an impressive 0.4 seconds on the Penta," said a company spokesperson. "The innovative design was developed with the desire to keep the Penta model at a price point that competes with the cost of five Swiss machines while requiring a fraction of the space. The Penta has the ability to offer these benefits while maintaining the fast cycle times that the multispindle platform provides."

To help hit the price point, the Penta uses standard, off-the-shelf drives and a FANUC control capable of handling up to 31 axes. "This control was a perfect fit for the five-spindle configuration, which only requires 25 axes. The use of this well-known FANUC control makes the machine and its components more familiar to our U.S. customer base, providing an even easier-to-understand platform for both operators and maintenance personnel alike," said the spokesperson.

The Penta 518 TMZ machine is already in production with USA-based automotive and aerospace suppliers. "The Penta has found itself a perfect foothold in the multispindle market-most notably in the aerospace industry for its ability to handle exotic materials such as titanium and A286. The all-in-one island concept platform and familiar FANUC control have allowed this affordable machine to rise up as a fierce competitor in the fastener manufacturing industry. When millions of parts are required, the Penta 518 can provide fast cycle times and user-friendly controls to anyone looking for manufacturing solutions," said the spokesperson.

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