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Evaluating EDM Consumables

A reputation for quality should be a primary factor when evaluating EDM consumables, which are very important to machine performance and longevity.

Since EDMs are a substantial investment, it makes sense to use parts and consumables that will maximize productivity, efficiency and production quality. Not only that, certified OEM consumables will also last longer and reduce operating costs over time.

What to look for when evaluating EDM consumables:

  • Certified OEM: Lower-quality and aftermarket parts and consumables can cause premature wear on the machine and even slow machine operation, both of which can be costly. Conversely, high-quality, certified consumables last longer and enhance machine performance.
  • Development and testing: Mitsubishi engineers design MC Machinery consumables right alongside EDMs so that they can deliver the best possible performance. Consumables and machines are rigorously tested by research/development and applications teams.
  • Service and engineering: OEMs with robust service and engineering departments typically sell consumables and parts that are tested and approved by application engineers. OEMs should also warranty their products, provide prompt service, have a complete inventory of parts and consumables and carry items for maintenance and preventative maintenance. It is also beneficial to work with an OEM that has technical experts who can troubleshoot issues and recommend products based on specific needs.
  • Availability: Consumables and parts should be in inventory at all times to provide same-day and next-day service. MC Machinery has multiple warehouses strategically located across the country and a regionalized service network to provide fast service and delivery.

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