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End Forming Machines

The KAAST ZSH and ZSM series beading machines are designed to provide consistent, accurate beads that supply strength and connectivity to materials up to 0.15" (4 mm) in thickness.

These workshop- and site-friendly machines are available with mechanically (ZSM) or hydraulically (ZSH) driven upper rolls and are available in two models, 2.5 or 4.0. The 2.5 model can handle up to 13 Ga material and work at up to 16 RPM. It features a 3.75" roll opening and 6.3" throat.

The 4.0 model beads up to 9 Ga material at 12 RPM and offers a 5" roll opening and 7.8" throat.

These beading machines come standard with four sets of dies for rolling the most common beads in the fabrication industry. Eight other standard die sets are available as well as custom dies, expanding these machines abilities even further.

The twin foot pedal control pedestal offers easy to use controls and a generous 8' connection. "The heavy machine base is robust, minimizing distorting vibrations while maximizing stability during operations," said a customer spokesperson.

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