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New 3 kg and 20 kg SCARA Robots

Epson Robots offers its new and improved LS3-B SCARA and LS20-B SCARA robots featuring a batteryless encoder, a lower cable duct profile that is suitable for hard to reach work cell layouts, built-in camera cable for easy vision system set-up and new top-of-arm layout for enhanced usability.

"LSB-Series SCARA robots offer a variety of opportunities for manufacturers searching for a low-cost, high-performance automation solution with great reliability," said Rick Brookshire, Director of Product Management for Epson Robots. "We are continually improving our product line and the latest LSB-Series models ensure customers have additional flexibility and options to leverage maximum performance for their factory automation needs."

Epson's LS3-B SCARA robots are suited for applications such as assembly, pick & place, kitting, dispensing and more. The LS20-B SCARA robots can be used for higher payload applications such as large component pick & place, machine load/unload, palletizing, mechanical assembly, industrial part transfer and more. Epson's LSB-Series robots are used in automotive, medical, lab automation, electronic components, consumer electronics and industrial markets. Both robots include Epson proprietary Quartz MEMS technology, a hardware and software system that combines force feedback and position for improved servo performance, thus reducing residual vibration. ISO 4 Cleanroom models are also available.

The LS3-B SCARA robot has a payload of 3 kg and a 400 mm reach, while the LS20-B has a 20 kg payload and available reach of 800 mm and 1,000 mm. The LS3-B comes in a new compact size with reduced cable height. Both models include a built-in camera cable, feature a new top of arm layout for easy equipment mounting and are compatible with the new RC90-B controller, a single controller with wiring options for both PNP and NPN. Similar to other robots in the LSB-Series, the new models include a batteryless encoder designed to minimize downtime and help reduce the overall cost of ownership.

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