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Compact Single-Pad Gripper for Small-Footprint Applications

OnRobot has launched a compact, single-pad version of its Gecko no-mark adhesive gripper. The Gecko Single Pad (SP) gripper brings the same capability to new automation applications with small footprints and lower payload.

The Gecko SP is available in three sizes-SP1, SP3 and SP5, named after the gripper's payload in kilos-and feature the ability to lift a wide range of flat, smooth, shiny or perforated surfaces.

"Because the technology does not mark even high-shine surfaces, it eliminates the need for a cleaning step in manufacturing processes, saving time and improving output," said a company spokesperson. "And like its larger version, the Gecko SP can grip even perforated workpieces such as printed circuit boards, aluminum mesh or head gaskets."

The Gecko gripper technology uses millions of micro-scaled fibrillar stalks that adhere to a surface using powerful van der Waals forces-the same way that geckos climb. "The technology requires no compressed air or external power, saving costs and maintenance, and can be implemented quickly and easily through OnRobot's One-System Solution platform with little or no programming on any major collaborative or light industrial robot arm for greater production flexibility," said the spokesperson.

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