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Cobots Maximize Convenience and Productivity Considerations

The OB7 line of collaborative robots (cobots) from Absolute Machine Tools' partner Productive Robotics is designed to maximize the safety, convenience and productivity provided by cobot technology. The four different OB7 cobots in the series are engineered to handle a variety of payloads and sizes while accomplishing simple to complex tasks. In light of the current pandemic recommendations for social distancing to reduce the spread of COVID-19, cobots are playing a vital role in manufacturing operations.

Fully compliant with ISO 102018-1 industrial robot safety requirements, OB7 cobots can perform operations ranging from welding and cutting to painting and assembly without the need to fence them off or otherwise isolate them from human coworkers. "To facilitate application, these cobots are the only cobots in the world to feature seven axes," said a company spokesperson. The seventh axis is the J3 arm; the J3 arm joint provides the flexibility to operate in confined workplaces and reach around obstructions such as a machine tool's sliding door.

Because they require no coding or programming, OB7 cobots offer enhanced usability and convenience. Shop personnel can teach the cobot new tasks by simply dropping and dragging tiles on the control tablet interface. Custom job functions for complex or repetitive tasks can be created, then labeled and saved for future recall. The OB7's IP 30 computer controls all axis joints and components, and network ports are locked to prevent unauthorized access. A rolling stand with integrated casters enhances portability, and an assembly table on the stand provides a work surface for fixture placement and facilitates job changeovers. The cobot's power line conditioner includes a 15-minute backup power supply that enables the OB7 to be moved from one work cell to another with no need to power down.

OB7 CNC Packages come equipped with a standard PRI End-of-Arm Parallel Electric Gripper, which can be applied in hundreds of production applications. OB7 cobots are also compatible with most robotic gripper and end of arm tooling attachments. Users can adjust gripping force, speed and opening position manually or automatically.

Collaborative capability can be adjusted to fit specific production situations. When running at safe speeds, no guarding is required. To operate at higher speeds and prevent collisions, an optional Laser Safety Scanner is available that has a 270° detection range and maintains a 5 m protection zone and a warning zone of 20 m.

Ongoing software updates enhance the cobots' connectivity, expedite efficient integration with other equipment, and facilitate real-time status monitoring with email and text alerts. Productive Robotics cobots are manufactured in the U.S.

"Productive Robotics products, such as this OB7 line of cobots, support Absolute Machine Tools' commitment to providing comprehensive engineering assistance for custom-tailored automation, which includes robotics and turn-key machining solutions aimed at reducing manufacturing costs," said Courtney Ortner, Chief Marketing Officer, Absolute.

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